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Treatment of the edge of furniture sheet

Author:chaotai industry   Time:2017-12-07 15:18:53

The furniture plate edge of the edge is particularly important, this is not only on the overall appearance of the furniture plays an important role, and the edge is the process directly reflects the quality of furniture, edge treatment is not good, it is easily broken edge in use, resulting in decorative layer or peeling, even resulting in failure. Here is an introduction to a common method of edge processing.

The edge treatment process is an important process. Side side treatment methods include coating method, edge sealing method, edge method and edge method and so on.

1. coating method

Closed paint coating parts in the side, that is using putty to fill, and then coated with primer and topcoat. Type and colour coating according to the parts of the plane Shicai selected.

2. edge sealing method

The edge sealing method is to use a single strip, impregnate the paper layer, the plastic film will seal the side side of the parts, and can also be sealed with thin strip. The sealing technology are: manual operation and mechanical sealing. By adhesive glue, glue to now commonly used synthetic resin glue, hot sol and copolymer resin. Pressed by hand edge ironing to resistance heating, now the low voltage electric heating, high-frequency heating and heat seal sealing edge. Sol process: components the side glue - attached edge material - adhesive - dressing.

3. edge method

The edge method is to cover the parts with a wooden bar, plastic or metal material on the side of the component.

4. side method

The edging method is to use a decorative material that is larger than the panel type plane, paste the plane, then bend to the side, and seal the side package. This method is usually applied to particleboard and MDF parts.

The edge sealing method is widely used in modern plate furniture. A large number of methods used are straight edge sealing and irregular edge sealing (soft forming edge). The most commonly used is the straight edge. Used as a sealing material: as long as the substrate strip or ribbon, can be pasted on the surface, can be trimmed or milling processing with woodworking tools can be used. Such as wood, paper, plastic, fiber texture, and some composite materials. There are commonly used wood, veneer, veneer paper back with continuous tape and PVC tape etc.. Although the sealing process is time-consuming and time-consuming, it is very important. The sealing process is related to the release of harmful substances, which affects the health of the human body. Therefore, high quality edge bar can not only maintain the beauty of furniture, but also play an important role in the protection of furniture.