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The types and characteristics of the furniture sealing strip

Author:chaotai industry   Time:2017-12-07 15:18:40

The banding bar is a material for protecting, decorating and beautifying the outline of furniture sheet. It can make a piece of furniture show clear and colorful overall effect.

The types of edge bars

1, wood edge bar. The good natural birch, oak, maple, beech, cherry wood, and so on wood, processed by machine cutting wood slices edge strips.

2, PVC edge bar. Using polypropylene or polyvinyl chloride as raw materials, the machine pressed into wood, heart, plain, double color series plastic edge

3, melamine sealing strip. To the quality of printing on a variety of colored paper, wood, leather, flower pattern, marble and other art pattern (or pure plain), and then use paper edge modified melamine impregnated fat after curing.

Specifications and characteristics of the edge bar

1. The wood edge strip has the characteristics of natural, soft, invariable and strong adhesion. After bonding with the furniture plate, the adsorbability is good, especially with the wood lumber. Its specifications: the thickness is 0.2 ~ 3.0mm, the width is 10mm to 300mm (special width can also be customized), the length is generally 2000mm. Because the edge strip is very thin, and the fiber density of different wood is different, so the wood edge seal is also easy to break and tear easily, but the latter can compensate for the above defects.

2, PVC edge with heat resistance, oil resistance and strength, hardness and bending characteristics of high; its surface properties, abrasion resistance, can be sharpened; the surface is good, its patterns and color can be close to the log of natural wood color, also can have other color patterns; the bottom surface after processing or reticulate PVC coating edge bonding effect is also very good. Its specification: the thickness is 0.2 ~ 3mm, the width is 19-50mm, the length is 1000mm one volume. The sealing edge of PVC has a certain thickness above 2mm. It is necessary to heat and soften or improve the temperature of the binder when used. Otherwise, it will fall off because of the stickup of stress.

3, melamine sealing strip has the characteristics of wear resistance, fire protection, oil prevention, moisture resistance and acid and alkali resistance. It has excellent flexibility, strong adhesion after adhesion, and is not easy to fall off. Its specifications are: the thickness is 0.2 ~ 0.4mm, the width is about 25mm, the length is 1000 ~ 2000mm. The melamine sealing strip has excellent bending properties and will be better after being heated, but it has defects that are easily broken.