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What is the reason for the degumming of the PVC edge card bar

Author:chaotai industry   Time:2018-01-09 15:45:40

There are many furniture and decorative sealing edges that are used for PVC edge banding. But if there is any degumming, what is the reason? Generally speaking, the main reason of poor adhesion is.

1. The quality of the PVC edge card itself. PVC edge card in one of the standard production is back with good performance. As some inferior edge of PVC card adhesive coating is too thin, the effect is not good in bonding adhesive in nature.

Two, PVC sealing edge card adhesive environment temperature problem. The temperature of the edge banding machine is not enough. The hot melt adhesive used in the low temperature environment loses the stability condition of hot melt gluing. All these are the reasons causing the PVC edge banding card degumming.

Three, the surface of the sheet that has been sealed, or the use of the glue is too thin, will also affect the normal use of the PVC sealing strip.