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What are the detection methods for the edge bar?

Author:chaotai industry   Time:2017-12-08 13:19:32

The visual sealing strip is consistent with the color and texture of the plate, or is it consistent with the designer.

Check whether the surface of the edge is smooth and smooth, there is no miscellaneous point. In the case of a clutter or a fine needle hole, it may be made of a recycled mixture PVC. Check whether the back of the edge is flat. Use a flat blade stuck sideways edge, to see whether it is a straight line, if not in a straight line, there will be a very rough edge after both sides of the glue line. As the edge sealing strip is flat, the edge was still very thick glue line can be checked by the following methods: check whether the formation of saw face plate. For example, when the sawing plate is different, the saw plate has a small step in the saw plate, which affects the edge. Check whether the thermosol coating is too thick. Check the thickness and pressure of the adjustment of the sealing machine. Use a small section of edge seal edge, and then force to tear open, check the sealing edge of the edge and the bonding strength of the thermal sol is reasonable and uniform. If the strength is not enough, it is necessary to check whether the thermal sol temperature of the edge machine can reach the use standard.

If the side face is uniform after trimming, if it appears serrated, it may be the following reasons: the trimming knife is too blunt, the edge strip is too hard, and the edge strip contains too much calcium carbonate. If the nails or other tools are drawn on the edge strip, if there is any breakage, the surface wear and hardness of the sealing strip do not meet the standards, which proves that the quality of the edge strip is not qualified.