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How to judge the good or bad of the edge bar

Author:chaotai industry   Time:2017-12-08 13:17:19

1. Look at the color of the edge and the surface roughness. The color of the good surface of the edge is also very important, whether the color is close to the customized product. If the surface is very rough, there is a scratch mark that is certainly not where the quality is, this is the surface quality of the edge. There is no big relationship with the inner material of the edge bar, which is mainly the production technology and the technical skills of the staff. Good edge: the surface must be smooth, no bubbles or little bubbles, no pull lines or rarely pull lines, moderate gloss, not too light or too matte (unless there are special requirements).

2, let's see the smoothness of the edge and bottom and whether the thick pears are even. Otherwise, they will lead to the combination of the edge banding and the board. The glue line is too striking, or the gap between the plate and the edge piece is too large to affect the beauty of the whole. The details decide success or failure, often a small detail problem, which may bring an awkward situation in the overall effect.

3. Whether the edge of the edge is whitening or not, bending the edge of the edge of the surface is white or not, the edge of the edge to repair the color is close to the surface of the difficult plate. The sealing edge of PVC is mainly made of PVC and calcium carbonate plus additives. If the content of calcium carbonate is too high, it will appear white edge, whitening and whitening. It proves that the quality of such products is not good.

4, strength is also available, whether there is elasticity, strong high means good wear resistance, the corresponding quality is also the better, intensity is too high, also means the difficulty of processing increases. Not as elastic means wear resistance is not high, anti-aging ability is low. In addition, according to the actual production needs, the general need to manual repair, can be properly done soft points, automatic edge machine can be properly done hard points.

5, whether on the adhesive evenly, in the use process is easy to fall off.

6, smell the smell of PVC sealing strip. The products produced with good quality raw materials are generally small. If the taste is too large, it indicates that the raw materials used in production are of poor quality.